Miche/XLC Pro SL Racing hjulsæt
Miche/XLC Pro SL Racing hjulsæt

Miche/XLC Pro SL Racing hjulsæt

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Se flere produkter fra MicheNav: CNC ERGAL 7075meallic orange.
Følghøjde: 25 mm.
Forhjul 18 eger.
Baghjul 24 eger.
Forhjul ca. 800 g.
Baghjulet ca. 1030 g.
Quick release ca. 105 gram.
Til Shimano 8, 9 og 10-speed.
Producentes beskrivelse:
The XLC Pro SL wheelset glows because of it´s precious finishes and high-class components. The hub from ERGAL 7075 are CNC-made. Stuffed with high präcision industry bearings (in the front two times, in the back four times)with long lasting grease lubrication for permanent protection against dirt and for optimal sliding properties. The setting of the hub bearing is possible while assembled wheel. The rims have a light metal alloy with strengthening bushings and brakeindicators. The INOX-bladed spokes are in the front: radial (18x), and in the rear: radial and crossed at right (16+8x), spoking. The weight of the wheelset amounts 1830 g ( without quick release). The freewheel is made of ERGAL 7075
Cartridge bearing.
Cartridge bearings are nowadays the most usual bearings for bikes. The manufacturer inserts, adjusts and press-fits all necessary ball bearings in a so-called cartridge. Thus, the bearings are protected from dust and dirt and they must no longer be adjusted when being installed – they are absolutely maintenance-free.

CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) is an exact, computer-controlled cutting method allowing the processing of complex and elaborate parts out of one block. It reduces manufacturing tolerances to a minimum.

Light add-on parts play an ever-growing part in bike technology. In the wake of this trend, XLC parts and accessories which are marked with the XLC lightweight icon are weight optimised in development and manufacturing wherever possible, without affecting the functioning and safety. A lightweight bike has got many advantages. It accelerates better, brakes more safely and is easier to handle in general. Moreover, less weight makes transport by bus and train easier.

Flat spokes.
The flat profiles for flat spokes cause less turbulence, thus affording less air resistance and consequently better aerodynamics. Flat spokes are therefore mainly used in cycling.
Wearing indicator.
Wearing indicator.
The rims of some of our XLC wheel sets have got a groove in the braking surface, which acts as a wearing indicator. When this groove in the lateral surface is no longer visible, the brake flank of the rim is so far towelled that the necessary material thickness for a safe use of the rim is no longer there. In this case the rim must be immediately changed. The rim wearing can be checked by always using special brake linings for aluminium rims. Old brake linings or such having been too long on stock can harden, thus damaging the rim.


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Dæk typeAlm. dæk og slange
EgertypeAero / flade
Fælg profilLav / alm.
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Speed8, 9, 10
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Stregkode / EAN4032191770086

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Miche/XLC Pro SL Racing hjulsæt
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